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Julia Stoschek on Collecting Time-based Art

"Time based media art is the medium of my generation”

Julia Stoscheck, photo by PETER RIGAUD

Julia Stoscheck started her phenomenal collection of time-based media in 2003 after a particularly moving experience watching Douglas Gordon’s video Play Dead: Real Time (2003) at Gagosian Gallery in New York.

Inspired by the immediacy of this experience—a large-scale video installation in which an elephant “plays dead,” imitating its own death—Stoschek decided to focus specifically on time-based art and has since assembled one of the most extensive collections of these genres from the 1960s to today.

“My approach to collecting is to create an image of the cultural and social condition of my generation. The moving image reflects the ephemeral, which is a defining feature of our time…this is why my main focus is on time-based art.”

The Julia Stoschek Collection houses one of world’s largest private collections of time-based media: video, film and digital art. There are 255 artists with 850 artworks housed in the museum in Düsseldorf along with a new space in Berlin called the Julia Shoschek Foundaiton. Recently Julia joined the board of Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles bringing her expertise in media based art to a community that is home to some of the most important video and digital artists of our time.

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