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Jennifer Steinkamp - IMPEACH

Jennifer Steinkamp (American, b. 1958), Blind Eye, 1, 2018. Video installation, 12' x 43' 2" (3.66 x 13.16 m)

“The centerpiece of the exhibition is Steinkamp’s Impeach (2019). Previously exhibited as a printed billboard in “Jam, The Billboard Creative,” a public art project organized by Mona Kuhn and Alex Prager in Los Angeles in 2017, Impeachhere bursts to life as a digital animation for the first time. A mash-up of stage diving fruit, especially peaches, plunging themselves against an invisible wall, the work hints at the possibility of a new spring for America should the titular political and legal process be set in motion, as well as the destruction left in the wake.


In gathering significant works originally created in the context of major exhibitions, Impeach offers a valuable reminder of the breadth and ambition of Steinkamp’s practice, and of the important historical position she holds as one of the first artists to experiment with constructing imagery—including color, texture, and movement—by wholly digital means. By simulating natural movement in cycles that are at once familiar seeming and entirely unique, Steinkamp conjures the uncanny impression of artificial life. To this existing element of internal contradiction, the present exhibition’s title adds an allusion to current social and political tension—and the hope of eradicating the corruption.”


Impeach 1, 2019

Video installation

Dimensions variable

Jennifer Steinkamp - IMPEACH


FEBRUARY 28 - APRIL 13, 2019


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