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Bill Viola: Electronic Renaissance

From March 10 to July 23,  2017 the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi will be presenting Electronic Renaissance, a retrospective of work by  Bill Viola. 

A single, comprehensive exhibition occupying both the Piano Nobile and the Strozzina will immerse the viewer in space, music and sound as the exhibition tracks Viola's career from his early experimental work in the 1970s through his recent installations. Exploring spirituality, experience and perception, Viola probes humanity: people, bodies and faces are the leading players in his work with its poetic and strongly symbolic style in which man interacts with the forces and energies of nature such as water and fire, light and dark, the cycle of life and the cycle of rebirth.

The Renaissance setting of Palazzo Strozzi fuels mesmerising interactions between the classic and the contemporary by fostering innovative dialogue between Viola’s work and the masterpieces from the great artists of the past from which he has drawn his inspiration and which have marked the development of his artistic vocabulary and style.

Bill Viola: Electronic Renaissance

the Palazzo Strozzi, Florence,  Italy

MARCH 10 - JULY 23, 2017


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