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Laurent Grasso


OttO, 2018, Single-channel video, sound, color

21:26 min, Edition of 5

Courtesy Sean Kelly Gallery

Laurent Grasso lives and works in Paris, France.

Born in France in 1972, Laurent Grasso has developed a fascination with the visual possibilities related to the science of electromagnetic energy, radio waves and naturally occurring phenomena. Grasso explores these sciences as they apply to paranormal activity, a favorite subject of 18th century scientists and philosophers, often used as parlor entertainment during the Victorian era. 

Incorporating imagery culled from the cinema and art history, Grasso works in video, sculpture, painting, and drawing, to recreate phenomena – both human and natural – that set up surreal and ambiguous juxtapositions of time and space. Grasso often intentionally manipulates imagery by imposing unique and unusual perspectives onto his subject matter, thereby subverting the viewer's instinct to accept what they see at face value. A continually shifting viewpoint is at the heart of Grasso's aesthetic sensibility – in Grasso's words, "the idea is to construct a floating viewpoint, thereby creating a discrepancy in relation to reality. We move from one viewpoint to another, and that's also how we manufacture states of consciousness."

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Solo Exhibitions

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