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Women’s History Month

Celebrating women artists and in their pioneering moving image and media art practices


Often overlooked by the collectors and museums, women artists for over the past 50 years have embraced some of the most innovative new technologies into their practices. We celebrate these pioneering artists and invite you to learn more about them.

Laurie Anderson

Ryoji Ikeda

Sarah Morris

Rachel Rossin

Hito Steryl

Sadie Benning

Joan Jonas

Shirin Neshat

Rachel Rose

Diana Thater

Garrett Bradley

Sharron Lockhart

Alex Prager

Michelle Rovner

Janaina Tschape

Cao Fei

Moriko Mori

Pipilotti Rist

Jennifer Steinkamp

Zina Saro -Wiwa

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Meriem Bennani

Guided Tour of a Spill

March 6 - May 1, 2021


François Ghebaly

2245 E Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90021

Bennani first Los Angeles exhibition playfully blends humor and critique, weaving an expanded allegory for how media circulates through channels of digital and geopolitical power, both online and in the real spaces we inhabit. Multi-channel video installation

Meriem Bennani, Guided Tour of a Spill .
Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at 11.35.04

Cory Arcangel, /roʊˈdeɪoʊ/ Let’s Play: HOLLYWOOD, 2017-21 


Century 21 

Though April 17, 2021

Greene Naftali

508 W 26th Street

New York, NY Ground Floor

Arcangel's work reflects on the breakneck pace of technological and cultural obsolescence, and the fleeting nature of what he calls "the 'image world' that both consumes us and fits so snugly into the palm of our hands. 


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