Presentations are a breeze at the gallery or at art fairs on the go. Collectors and curators can view your artist’s moving image works on large format screens and projectors, leading to more sales and success for your artists.


  • Presentation tool for moving image art that delivers private previews directly to ArtPlay Collector members.

  • Available on both Apple TV and iPad.

  • Support multi-channel video installations at the gallery or art fairs.

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Affordable and easy to start

  • Vimeo, Dropbox, WeTransfer, or send the video files of your artists' work directly from your server. We will upload and stylize the app for you. Or upload directly to our cloud through ArtPlay's encrypted access.

  • Bulk upload your inventory.

  • Want to send artist interviews together with the work to consider? Tell us about your ideas! ArtPlay's flexible software can be customized to your style of sales.

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Christine Wachter-Campbell

Seamless presentations to clients are always in reach.

At EXPO Chicago, we had a seamless temporary installation for a large projection with ArtPlay. ArtPlay has been extremely helpful with both client presentations of video art at the gallery and when traveling for art fairs.

Deborah Irmas

ArtPlay is really easy to use and it’s a great service. I don’t have to worry about technology will change, I know my video art will always be ready to play.