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Introducing ArtPlay

ArtPlay was developed to support collectors and galleries with an easy to use platform to educate, present, distribute, collect, and preserve media-based art. We are part of a community of collectors, artists and art professionals that are committed to creating and showing these works.

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As contemporary art specialists, we work with cutting edge emerging art that increasingly includes digital and media-based art works. Over the past decade, that includes working with young artists who are digital natives, creating art with their computers – software and algorithm-based works. They share a variety of delivery systems; some installation, projected and screen-based using various formats and NFTs. We also are interested in the early video artists and historical media work.


With ArtPlay's comprehensive service and secure, plug-and-play app on Apple TV and iPad, as well as our online platform for collecting and managing media art, we envision a robust future for art and technology based artwork.

ArtPlay has been in use by our private clients for the past five years as we have continued to make the platform more accessible. ArtPlay is now the first comprehensive solution for media art in terms of the collecting, sales, distribution, archive and exhibition, available on Apple TV and through our online sales platform.

Christine Wachter-Campbell

Seamless presentation to clients is always in reach.

At EXPO Chicago, we had a seamless temporary installation for a large projection with ArtPlay. ArtPlay has been extremely helpful with both client presentations of video art at the gallery and when traveling for art fairs.

Deborah still image.png

Deborah Irmas

ArtPlay is really easy to use and it’s a great service.

I don’t have to worry about the technology, I know my video art will always be ready to play. 

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