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Martine Guttierrez

CHINA DOLL VR Exhibition Walkthrough

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CHINA DOLL is the experience of wanting to be “the image” so badly that you sacrifice what you truly need. Consume until you are—touching the flame—becoming the mold to break her. It wasn’t until manifesting into the bombshell that I could see my aspirations for what they truly are. The child inside has to say “I am not more beautiful as Britney Spears.” What does it take to recognize our stars are voids inherently as blank as mannequins? This famous aspiration of perfection—whether a personal or public impulse—is a piling of references. The application of those references curated into media—projecting the perpetuation of our colonial hierarchies. Blonde is the cheapest privilege you can buy.

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Petra Cortright

Petra Cortright (b. 1986, California) is one of the most interesting young video and multimedia artists working today. Known as a “post-Internet” artist, Cortright makes films, digital paintings, and more using the Internet and digital files as both her source material and part of her artwork’s end result. The core of her practice concerns itself with the utilization, creation, and distribution of digital files using widely available software. Cortright’s aesthetic is equally digital in essence and intensely layered as if made of more tactile media, although her digital paintings are printed on variety of materials including aluminum, linen, rag paper, and acrylic. “Working in a laborious but intuitive multi-faceted process, Cortright mines the Internet for images, patterns, marks, and color palettes to construct a new visual language.”A timely artist for contemporary times when so much consumption occurs digitally, Cortright is a true innovator in image-making.

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Courtesy 1301PE

“We are in a weird time, where everyone thinks everything has to make some kind of a commentary, and not to say that work isn’t important, but I am okay with making something that is just an escape.”*

Hito Steyerl

I will survive

19 May - 5 July, 2021


Centre Pompidou

Place Georges-Pompidou

75004 Paris, France

Through her view, Hito Steyerl's project comes to grips with one of today's essential issues in terms of the changes encountered by museums. Its point of departure is the architecture of the Centre Pompidou: a transparent and functional layout inaugurated more than forty years ago to sustain the heritage missions of the museum with the democratic project of a cultural resource centre that is open to all. 


Nam June. Paik, Sistine Chapel, 1993/2021. Courtesy the Estate of Nam June Paik. Photo by Andria Lo.


Nam June Paik

Though October 3, 2021


151 Third St
San Francisco, CA 94103

One of the first truly global and transnational artists, Paik foresaw the importance of mass media and new technologies, coining the phrase ‘electronic superhighway’ in 1974 to predict the future of communication in an internet age. This exhibition — the artist’s first-ever West Coast retrospective — celebrates Paik’s collaborative approach that transcended genres and traditions, while also highlighting the artist’s innovative, playful, and profoundly radical work.

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