Meditation not Medication (2017) by the Haas Brothers

Meditation not Medication (2017) by the Haas Brothers

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Work Title:  Meditation not medication

Artist: Haas Brothers

Year: 2017

Time Length:  2 minutes, 11 seconds

Edition Number: 500

Format:  MP4 file, H264,  HD 1920 x 1080, Sound (Mac and PC compatible)

File Size:  258mb

Description: "Our first animated piece, Meditation Not Medication,  is a character study of a little monster whose purpose in life is meditation.  As he closes his eyes he drifts into visions and comes back occasionally to a blissed out present.  The video itself is meant to function as a visual meditation.  Using imagery from our own meditations on geometry, color and natural mathematics - we hope to engage the viewer in a short guided vision quest."