Available Artwork

Mirage II


Single-channel, sound and color

2:58 min

Edition of 3 + 2 AP

"A magical moment where reasoned and unreasoned reality intersect each other and converge into completely plausible and recognizable images or forms.

Mirages refers, by means of an invented coincidence, the interrelation between the elements of the world around us, as well as the intrinsic power of human beings to create their own reality... to transform the world; underlying concerns in great part of the artist work."

Glenda León (La Habana, 1976) is a visual artist based in La Habana and Madrid. Glenda Leon’s work includes various techniques such as drawings, video art, installations, sculpture and photography. Glenda León encourages the viewer to approach the object from a poetical perspective. This way, she reveals the metaphoric part of everyday life objects and is interested in revealing antagonisms like silence or sound, visibility or invisibility; public or private; and ephemeral or eternal. The constancy of the absence in all superfluous elements and the fusion of natural and artificial elements demonstrate the author’s taste for the persistence of processes.

She has received prizes such as The Pollock-Krasner Foundation Award and residencies like Couvent des Recollets, in Paris and Fonderie Darling, in Montreal. Her works belongs to the permanent collections of Georges Pompidou Centre and She was part of the Cuban Pavilion in the 55th Venice Biennial with the sound installation Music of the Spheres (2013).

These pieces and the majority of her videos and photographs produce an effect of durability that leaves me astonished: in them, time lasts.

—Elvia Rosa Castro

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2015 Cada Sonido es una forma del tiempo (Every sound is a shape of time), Concert in collaboration with Aldo López Gavilán, XII Havana Biennial, Theater of the National Library, Havana, Cuba

Cada Respiro (Each Breath), Nave 16, MATADERO Madrid, Spain


2014 Hacia el Silencio (Towards Silence), galeria SENDA, Madrid, Spain

2013 Bruit bleu, Les Chateaux de la Drome, Montelimar, France


2012 Listening to Silence, Magnan Metz Gallery, New York, NY

2010  Blue Noise, Galerie Pierre-Francois Ouellette Comteporain, Montreal, CanadaDelirios, Galerie Dominique Fiat, Paris, France Un Ruido Azul, Galeria Habana, La Habana, Cuba 

2008 El Vuelo de la Razón, Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales, La Habana, Cuba.


2007 Mar Interno, Le Plateau Espace expérimental, Paris.  

2006 El ir y venir de la Permanencia (Inner Sea), Optica Gallery, Montreal, Canada.


2005 El vuelo de la razón, Galerie m:a contemporary, Berlín, Alemania.


2003 Realidades Mágicas, Galería 23 y 12, Habana, Cuba. 


2001 Las formas del instante, Centro de  Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales, La Habana, Cuba.