Info for Artists

Our mission is to engage artists, collectors and art professionals in the conversation around preservation and presentation, and in doing so, create a more stable environment for the sale of media art.

ArtPlay is a platform for the sale, distribution, presentation and discovery of media based art. 

ArtPlay was developed as an easy-to-use platform to educate, present, distribute, and preserve media based art. We support a community of collectors, artists and art professionals that are committed to creating and showing these works.


With ArtPlay's comprehensive service; secure and plug-and-play app on Apple TV and iPad, we envision a robust future for art and technology based artwork. With technology changing at an unprecedented speed, requires artists' input to ensure an artwork is presented as the artist intended and that the collectors will be able to view the work for generations.

Our mission is to engage artists and collectors in the conversation around preservation and presentation and in doing so, create a more stable environment for the sale of media art.


End-to-End private previews

Content on ArtPlay app is specified for each app. Previews send to one app will not be accessible from outside of the app.

Encrypted Cloud

ArtPlay app is developed upon AWS with files stored on S3 cloud storage. Option to transfer files through ArtPlay's encrypted upload link to ensure the file won't be corrupted.

Members Only Site

ArtPlay inventory is only visible to registered members. Option to choose being visible to only Collector members or all tiers of members.

Institutional Standard Acquisition Agreement

Rights to collector is listed under each artwork to protect the copyrights of your work. Read more at FAQ below.


​4K Resolution

Apple TV has up to 4K resolution capabilities that can ensure the display of your work is at your intention.

Uninterrupted Playback,

No Glitch

All content after delivered to ArtPlay app is cached locally to create an uninterrupted viewing experience.

Anywhere, Anytime

The portability of Apple TV and iPad ensures the artwork can be presented at your convenience.

​Projector and Monitor

One HDMI cable and one power cord are all you need to display ArtPlay app on any connected exhibition device.

Read more below about how ArtPlay supports multi-channel video work.


With technologies changing at an unprecedented speed, it requires artists' input to ensure an artwork can be presented for as long as possible. With our mission to preserve media art work for collector's market, ArtPlay is happy to consult with you about the artist intention behind the preservation and presentation details of each artwork.