Jennifer Steinkamp exhibition at Acme Gallery, Los Angeles

Jennifer Steinkamp

Still-Life, 2016, computer generated animation, dimensions variable

I caught Jennifer Steinkamp's new animated video, Still-Life on closing day of her exhibition at Acme Gallery. In the gallery's newly opened space in Frogtown, near the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles, they presented the work in a large scale floor to ceiling projection. Walking directly into a void of preternaturally giant fruits and flowers, I felt mesmerized as I always am when confronted by a Steinkamp work. The imagery is based on a variety of female fruit baring plants. They pulse and float across the foreground before coming to a full stop only reverse direction and repeat their journey again. I saw a steady stream of heavy hitter collectors and LA artists running in to catch the last hours of the show. Steinkamp is one of the most innovative and influential digital artists working today and her new work, Still-Life does not disappoint.