Work Title:  Meditation not Medication

Artist:  The Haas Brothers

Year: 2017

Time Length:  2 minutes, 11 seconds

Edition Number: 500

Format:  MP4 file, H264,  HD 1920 x 1080, Sound (Mac and PC compatible)

File Size:  258 mb

ArtPlay presents the debut of the Haas Brothers first animated video, Meditation not Medication. The Haas Brothers, Simon and Niki (b. 1984), are known for their highly experimental attitude towards materials and have striven to create objects that are unlike anything on the market. The brothers’ constant experimenting is the driving force behind their unique aesthetic. Their interest in digital art, first inspired by an algorithm written by Simon to create an intricate pattern for beaded sculptures and Niki’s desire to animate his drawings, gave impetus to this exciting digital collaboration. 

Artist Statement: "Our first animated piece, Meditation not Medication, is a character study of a little monster whose purpose in life is meditation.  As he closes his eyes he drifts into visions and comes back occasionally to a blissed out present.  The video itself is meant to function as a visual meditation.  Using imagery from our own meditations on geometry, color and natural mathematics - we hope to engage the viewer in a short guided vision quest." 

Purchase Details: This is an original and exclusive digital artwork by the Haas Brothers in an edition of 500. Each work will be individually watermarked with the edition number and artist's initials. Upon payment, the collector will be sent an email with a unique link to download.

ArtPlay Members: If you are an ArtPlay member, this new Haas Brothers video will be saved to your archive in the ArtPlay cloud, ready for viewing on your monitor anywhere in the world and through our new AppleTV + ArtPlay device. 

The Haas Brothers, Meditation not Medication, will be released to coincide with the opening of their exhibition, Haas Angeles, at UTA Artist Space in Los Angeles on September 9, starting at 3pm. 

Collections: The Haas Brothers are in the permanent collections of the RISD Museum in Providence, RI, the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in New York, NY, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, NY.

They are represented by R & Company in New York.

The Haas Brothers, twins Nikolai and Simon, had a creative upbringing in Austin, Texas where their opera singer mother, actor brother and sculptor father taught them to play music, write, sing and paint. Starting in their early teens, they studied stone carving under their father, mastering the craft before leaving home. The twins parted ways in 2003 to pursue their artistic goals individually. Simon studied painting at RISD while Nikolai toured as a musician. In 2007, the two reconvened in Los Angeles to tour with the band RRIICCEE, then founded The Haas Brothers there in 2010 when L.A. architects Johnston Marklee offered a chance to collaborate on a friend's project. Early on, the brothers received accolades for their exceptional craftsmanship and expansive studio practice. The years since have seen them evolve from fabricators and collaborators to nimble cross-pollinators in creative disciplines including fashion, film, music, art and design. 

The Haas Brothers currently live and work in Los Angeles, California.



"Meditation not medication" by the Haas Brothers



Meditation not Medication (2017)  The Haas Brothers

This is a unique opportunity to collect a limited edition digital artwork by The Haas Brothers,  watermarked edition number with  a certificate of authenticity.

The artists have donated the proceeds from the sale of the video to benefit Promesa Boyle Heights.

Meditation not Medication (2017) by the Haas Brothers
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